Grilled Chicken Menu

Rancher– Grilled Chicken Breast,
hot pepper cheese, bacon and BBQ sauce, grilled on a 1/2 Italian roll $7.75 or in a wrap $8.00

Burrito– Grilled Chicken Breast,
hot pepper cheese, black beans and salsa,  grilled in a wrap $8.00

Cool sandwiches:

Hot Stuff– Grilled Chicken Breast tossed in hot buffalo sauce, in a wrap with blue cheese dressing, lettuce & tomato $7.50

Caesar– Grilled Chicken Breast & romaine lettuce, tossed in caesar dressing and rolled up in a wrap $7.50

Grilled Chicken on a Salad $7.95
Our house salad  topped with grilled chicken breast tossed in your choice of the following sauces:
Hot Buffalo, barbecue, honey mustard, Caesar
Dressings on the side

“Slaw” Sandwiches

State Street– Turkey Breast, Swiss, cole slaw & dark mustard on rye bread $7.75 with smoked turkey and honey mustard $7.75

Lincoln Ave.– Corned Beef or Roast Beef or Turkey Breast, cole slaw and Russian dressing on rye bread $7.50 add cheese $8.00

Court St.– Smoked Turkey Breast, Tavern Ham, Swiss, cole slaw, Spicy mustard
or Russian dressing $7.75Type your paragraph here.

Becky's Newtown Cafe

Daily Specials



It’s a flour tortilla wrapped around your favorite sandwich ingredients - try our suggestions or create your own. Choice of plain, whole wheat, spinach and herb or tomato basil wraps- We make our wraps to order, so feel free to direct us to make any changes you like!

Washington– Chicken Salad BLT $7.95

Kennedy– Tuna Salad, provolone, lettuce, tomato, onion, black olives $7.75

Eisenhower– Roast Beef, Swiss cheese, tomato, onion, mayo, horseradish $7.75

Carter– Turkey Breast, Swiss cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato & Russian dressing $8.25

Madison- Smoked Turkey Breast, Swiss cheese, lettuce, honey mustard $7.50

Newtown Cafe


We open Monday through Friday at 7 am. 

Call ahead and we'll have your breakfast sandwich ready for you!!

Breakfast Selections*
*Available until 11 am daily

Scrambled eggs, American cheese & choice of ham, bacon or sausage on toast, English
muffin, or kaiser roll $4.25 add .25 for a bagel

Breakfast Specialties
Maegan’s– Green Eggs & Ham! Scrambled eggs with pesto, thinly sliced ham &
provolone cheese on a toasted kaiser roll $4.75

Darlene’s– Scrambled Eggs w/sweet peppers & American cheese on a toasted kaiser roll $3.75

Kim’s– Eggs, American cheese & tomato slices on whole wheat toast $3.70

Darren’s– Eggs in a wrap with ham and horseradish cheddar cheese  $4.75

Becky’s– Breakfast Ham & Swiss cheese w/tomato & onion on a toasted bagel $3.95
w/egg $4.75

Harry’s– Breakfast Burrito: Eggs,hot pepper cheese & salsa in a wrap $3.95
w/sausage or bacon $4.95

Michele's- Scrambled eggs, sharp cheddar, tomato & bacon in a wrap $4.75

Call 215-968-3362 for fast service

Historic Grilled Sandwiches

Centre Ave.– Honey BBQ Chicken Breast, hot pepper cheese, ranch dressing, roasted red peppers,
grilled on a 1/2 Italian roll $7.75

Chancellor St.– Smoked Turkey Breast, provolone,bacon, tomato & Russian dressing,
grilled in a wrap $8.25

Congress St.– Cuban Sandwich: Smoked Turkey Breast, Tavern Ham, Swiss, sliced pickles and French’s mustard, grilled on 1/2 Italian roll $7.50

Reuben– Corned Beef, Swiss cheese, sauerkraut, Russian dressing, grilled on rye $8.25
also with turkey breast $8.25

Penn St.– Grilled American cheese, tomato & bacon on choice of bread $7.00

Liberty St.– Tuna melt on choice of bread $7.50

Cheesy Tuscan– Provolone, pesto sauce & roasted red peppers, grilled on 1/2 Italian roll $6.50

Flaming Justin– Layers of American cheese, Doritos, sliced tomato with a splash of hot sauce, grilled to melty, crunchy perfection on white bread $6.75
With hot pepper cheese & hot peppers $7.75